The protests from Ram Rahim’s followers led to the deaths of 38 people in Haryana, in which the court held its own proceedings. Many more were hurt and wide scale damage to public land was reported.
This defence of a rapist spiritual genius is very surprising in a nation that has been home to extreme sex activism and public outrage on the dilemma of violence against girls in the past several decades.

And what’s Dera Sacha Sauda, the spiritual cult he heads into northern India, that has attracted into its fold tens of thousands of followers prepared to sacrifice their own lives to their guru? Ram Rahim is popularly called a baba or genius of bling.

Called pitaji or respected daddy, he’s lived in a sprawling compound, appreciating highest level safety supplied by the authorities to quite higher profile individuals. Ram Rahim has had an outstanding life full of many idiosyncrasies. He’s certainly not the ordinary ace he rode expensive motorbikes together with his group of followers created, directed and acted in his movies and played in his own rock arenas wearing eccentric costumes.

Unlike his modern leaders that are regarded as spiritual counseling lights, Ram Rahim is treated as a avatar of the almighty himself. He believes himself as the Messenger of God, rather than simply a man of greater consciousness who reveals others the righteous path.

The movie he created and acted in Messenger of God, premiered in 2015. His next comprises many women who think in his amazing abilities and all embracing godly soul. The rape of two female followers wasn’t the sole accusation from Ram Rahim. He’s been charged with murder along with the castration of 400 men to bring them nearer to God. Its principal centre is located in town of Sirsa from the state of Haryana, northern India.

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Its site declares it’s a confluence of religions advocating a complete ban on the use of beef, egg or gelatin in food and intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco and drugs and also no adultery or illegal sex. The team has had two leaders prior to Ram Rahim, all of whom chose their own successors, announced because of their self avatars.

This incident has many vital questions, largely linked to the catastrophe of spirituality and modernity in India today. Spiritual and cult leaders in India are actors that have a huge effect on spiritual issues and about the lives of the followers. Their close association with politicians enables them access to governmental power and prosperity.

The liberalisation of the 1990 specifically made spirituality a industry business the professionals services can be bought and gurus indulged in profit-making pursuits. That allegedly religious gurus could participate in fraud, political manipulation and sexual attack isn’t new in India. And the baba business stinks.

For the bad, religious pathways and cult membership enables them as they search for wonders and hope to endure the onslaught of neoliberalism. The middle classes, though, can encounter an existential tragedy and belonging to a spiritual or religious cult gives them meaning and purpose in life. The professionals have immediate answers to all of their issues.

The wealthy and powerful will also be a part of those cults and they hobnob with all the gurus. They’ve a great deal to gain from following individuals who culture follows not simply to handle their insecurities but also to cultivate a community of fans that will always stay loyal to those.

The professionals can influence elections, create funding for welfare jobs and supply countless volunteers in a brief notice. The tragedy of spirituality as well as the regular dependence on wonders is just part of the issue. India’s political economy stays conducive to religious gurus to flourish and nurture their loyal fan followings.

The current incident has exposed the police vulnerabilities in managing unruly spiritual seekers who don’t have any qualms in safeguarding their rapist gurus. All things considered, the ace is God and God doesn’t wrong. The fates of different professionals with court cases against them, such as Bapu, is something to look out for in the not too distant future.

The unholy nexus between politicians and religious gurus might need to be broken to finish the illegal wealth and patronage that professionals enjoy. This week’s terrible events will be a catalyst for this to take place.