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Officers & Committees of the Palmetto Presbytery 
Moderator: TE Clenton Ilderton, Hilton Head Church, Hilton Head (2011) 
Stated Clerk: TE Louis Igou Hodges, LOB, CIU (2011)
Assistant Stated Clerk:
Treasurer: RE Jimmie Player, Lexington Church, Lexington (2011)
Recording Clerk: TE Clinton Stockton, Andrews Church, Andrews (2011)
Trustees (6) 
RE Ben Clowney, Sr., Lebanon Church, Winnsboro (2013)
RE Wilson Lear,, Northeast Church, Columbia (2013)
RE Rhett Eleazer, Chapin Church, Chapin (2012)
RE Glenn Parsons, St. Andrews Church, Irmo (2012)
RE Dean Ezell, Church Creek Church, Charleston (2011)
RE Homer Sargent, Chapin Church, Chapin (2011)
Adminstration (Committee Size: 6)
TE Charles Tyler, New Covenant Church, Manning (2013)
RE David Wells, St. Andrews Church, Irmo (2013)
TE George Crow, Northeast Church, (2012) CHAIR
RE Harvey Galloway, Northeast Church (2012)
VACANT SLOT (2011)   -  TE Pete Cannon, (Called home with His Lord & Savior! - 8/27/2010)
RE Jimme Player, Lexington Church (2011)
Campus Ministry (Committee Size: 4)
RE Dean Outhous, Grace Point Church, Columbia (2013)
TE Ralph Kelley, St. Andrew's Church, Irmo (2012) CHAIR 
RE Bob Bryant, St. Andrew's Church, Irmo (2012)
TE VACANT (2011)
Candidates & Credentials (Committee Size: 15) Forms
TE Richard Hodges, Salem Church, Blair (2013) CHAIR
TE Jim Watson, LOB Columbia Graduate School, CIU (2013)
TE Jim Riley, Lebanon Church, Winnsboro (2013)
RE Dean Ezell, Church Creek, Charleston (2013)
RE VACANT (2013)
TE or RE VACANT (2012)
TE Karl McCallister, Faith Church, Irmo, (2012)
TE Michael Walters, Faith Church, Florence (2012)
TE Stuart Mizelle, Westminster, Sumter (2012)
RE Heinrich DuBose-Schmitt, New Covenant, Aiken (2012)
TE Eric Dye, Covenant Church, Columbia (2011)
TE Mike Phillips, New Covenant Church, Aiken (2011)
RE Gene Klugh, Rose Hill Church, Columbia (2011)
RE Mark Shelby, Faith Church, Irmo (2011)
RE VACANT (2011) 
Judicial (Committee Size: 2) 
TE John Ropp, Trinity Church, Orangeburg (2013) CHAIR
RE Wes Graves, Northeast Church, Columbia (2012) 
Mission to North America (Committee Size 16)
TE Rhett Sanders, Northeast Church, Columbia (2013)
TE Craig Bailey, Redeemer Church, Charleston (2013)
RE David Brown, Hilton Head PCA (2013)
TE Jim Schirmer, Heritage Church, West Columbia (2013)
RE Jim Wright, Heritage Church, West Columbia (2013)
TE Perry Bowers, LOB Focused Living Ministries, Columbia (2012)
TE Jason Brewer, Mullins Church, Mullins (2012)
TE Walt Kendall, Westminster Church, Sumter (2012)  CHAIR
RE David Rose, Kingstree Church, Kingstree (2012)
RE Darrell Sheffield, St. Andrews, Irmo (2012)
TE Tim Hanley, Chapin Church, Chapin (2011)
TE Jimmy Green, Union Church, Salters (2011)
RE Ellison Smith, Surfside Church, Myrtle Beach (2011)
RE Bob Howell, Lexington Church, Lexington (2011)
RE Bobby Tiller, Faith Church, Myrtle Beach (2011)
RE Paul Graham, Lexington Church, Lexington (2011)
Mission to the World (Committee Size: 6)
TE Dan Ratchford, Chapin Church, Chapin (2013)
TE John DeMars, Chapin Church, Chapin (2013)
TE Bobby Farmer, Northeast Church, Columbia (2012) CHAIR
TE Clint Stockton, Andrews Church, Andrews (2012)
TE David Mulholland, Without Charge, Columbia (2011)
RE Jeff Norris, Cornerstone Church, Columbia (2011)
Shepherding (Committee Size: 12)
TE Igou Hodges, LOB Columbia Biblical Sem, CIU (2013)
TE John Olson, Church Creek, Charleston (2013)
RE Allen "Ted" Gant, St. Andrews Church, Irmo (2013)
RE Roy Frazee, St. Andrews Church, Irmo (2013)
TE Dennis Nolen, Jr., Kingstree Church, Kingstree (2012)
TE Paul Poynor, St. Andrews Church, Irmo (2012) CHAIR
RE Homer Sargent, Chapin Church, Chapin (2012)
RE David Walters, Sr., Church Creek, Charleston (2012)
TE Gordon Reed, Honorably Retired, Evans, GA (2011)
TE Mark Turner, Oakbrook Church, Summerville (2011)
RE Steve Gamble, Sardinia Church, Sardinia (2011)
RE John Pressly, Northeast Church, Columbia (2011)
Worship (Committee Size: 6)
TE Tony Myers, Northeast Church, Columbia (2013)
RE Andy Mull, Cornerstone Church, Irmo (2013)
TE Clenton Ilderton, Hilton Head Church, Hilton Head (2012)
RE Peter Pfeil, Hilton Head Church, Hilton Head (2012)
TE Bob Bates, Grace Coastal Church, Okatie (2011)   CHAIR
RE Ralph Woody, Hilton Head Church, Hilton Head (2011)
Terms expire at the January meeting of Presbytery in the year noted after each name. Data as of 9/20/2010.

Thanks be to God for
blessing us with our
brother, friend and father:
TE Pete Canon (8/27/2010).
Precious in the sight
  of the Lord, is the
    death of His saints.
               Psa 116:15
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